Programme for ‘Remembering Jerusalem’ conference now available

11569686165_46084be921_zWe are delighted to announce that the pogramme for our conference ‘Remembering Jerusalem: Imagination, Memory, and the City’, taking place at King’s College London on 6-7 November, is now available to download.

The conference will feature keynote lectures by Professor Anthony Bale, Professor Nabil Matar, and Professor Eyal Weizman. All of the keynote lectures are open to the public, and more details will be announced nearer the time.

Please note that all places on the British Library ‘Show and Tell’ visit are now taken. You can sign up to the waiting list to be notified if a place becomes available.

If you are presenting at the conference, please make sure that you have registered here.

If you are interested in attending the conference but are not giving a paper, please contact the conference organiser, Hannah Boast, to find out about the availability of places, and see this page for more information about fee rates.

The panels and titles are as follows:

Thursday 6th November

First Plenary
Professor Anthony Bale, ‘Jerusalem and the Medieval Meme’
Chaired by Dr Michele Campopiano

Memory and Political Futures
Chair TBC
• Robyn Autry – Grave Decisions: Museums and the Politics of the Past in Jerusalem and New York City
• Dana Hercbergs – Remembering the Future of the City: The Davidization of Jerusalem
• Hava Schwartz – From Jewish Memory to Jewish Monumental Landscape: The Shaping of a National Symbolic Landscape around the Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem in European Landscape: Imported and Local Memories
Chaired by Renana Bartal
• Lotem Pinchover – The Holy Sepulchre Representation between Enclosure and Community
• Laura Slater – Jerusalem in Northampton: Christian Histories and Local Memories
• Shimrit Shriki – Jerusalem Remembers: The Role of Jerusalem in Secular Commemorative Practice

Women ‘Re-Member’ Jerusalem
Chaired by Claire Gallien
• Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati – Fredrika Bremer and the olive tree – memory and representations of religious history in a 19th century protestant travel narrative
• Sophia Brown – Looking up at our former home…I felt the years of separation’ – The impact of returning to Jerusalem in expatriate Palestinian women’s life-writing/‘I am Jerusalem’
• Irene Fernandez Ramos – I am Jerusalem’: the engendered body as city, memory and site of resistance

Absence and Loss in Narratives of Jerusalem
Chaired by Isabelle Hesse
• Tamar Boyadjian – Lament for the City: Re-Imagining Jerusalem in Crusading Literature
• Nina Fischer – Place and Displacement: Palestinian Jerusalem Memories
• Rehav Rubin – Proskynetaria – Jerusalemite Souvenirs for Orthodox Pilgrims

Communities of Jerusalem
Chaired by Anthony Bale
• Dotan Arad – Jerusalem in Karaite Jews’ Mind
• Michele Campopiano – ‘Passion and Harmony’: The Holy Land, Jewish Traditions and the Franciscans in the Renaissance Venice, 15th-16th Centuries
• Malka Greenberg Raanan – Shaping Belongings Through Contested Space: Experiences of Palestinian Women in Jerusalem

Jerusalem in the Mahjar: Re-imagining the City, 1865-1950
Chaired by Roberto Mazza
• Lauren Banko – “From the Arabs to the East, stay in your homeland and work for it”: transnational meanings of Jerusalem and Palestine from imperial to colonial control
• William Clarence-Smith – Jerusalem and the “Syrian” diaspora in the Philippines, 1860s-1950s
• Jacob Norris – Exporting Jerusalem in the nineteenth century

Constructing Jerusalem: Architecture and Infrastructure
Chair TBC
• Michael Ehrlich – Topography-Shaped Memory: The ‘Umar Mosque in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem
• Anna Gutgarts-Weinberger – The Worldly Landscape of the Heavenly City: The Development of Frankish Jerusalem’s Urban Layout
• Maier Yagod – Mémoire en route: Jerusalem’s Route No. 1, a Study in Motion

Jerusalem in Art
Chaired by Sophia Brown
• Oreet Ashery – Running for your life
• Isabelle Hesse – ‘A Stubborn Little Slab of Reality’: Remembering Mandate Jerusalem in Boas Yakin and Nick Bertozzi’s Jerusalem: A Family Portrait
• Anita Paz – Collection and Recollection: Archives, Photographs and the Memory of Jerusalem in Emily Jacir’s Ex Libris

Re-Imagining Jerusalem in the Palestinian and Jewish Diasporas in the United States: Jerusalem in Narratives of Conflict, Displacement, and (Re)Placement
Chaired by Dr Anna Bernard
• Beverley Butler – The Obligation to Remember: Perspectives from Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan
• Loren Lybarger – Remembering the ‘City of the Holy’ in Chicago’s ‘Little Palestine’—Myth, Metaphor, and US Multiculturalism
• Atalia Omer – From Jerusalem to New York City: Provincializing Jerusalem and Jewish Palestine Solidarity activism

‘Virtual’ Jerusalem: Memories of the Holy City in Film and Literature
Chaired by Michele Campopiano
• Steven Schouten – Moses Hess’ Jerusalem
• Laura Varnam – The Gift of Jerusalem: Remembering the Holy City in The Book of Margery Kempe
• Anat Zanger – Jerusalem: Between Film and Memory

Hermeneutics and Jerusalem
Chaired by Nagihan Haliloglu
• Matthew Gabriele – ‘The Lived Hermeneutics of Jerusalem’: Remembering a New Future of the Holy Sepulchre after the First Crusade
• William Kolbrener – Jerusalem, Memory and Misprision

Friday 7th November

Second Plenary
Professor Nabil Matar, ‘The Cradle of Jesus and the Oratory of Mary in the Noble Sanctuary’
Chaired by Dr Helen Smith

The Politics and Practices of Tourism in Contemporary Jerusalem
Chaired by Anna Bernard
• Raphael Greenberg – Jerusalem Underground: Archaeological Tunnels as a Stand-In for the Imagined City
• David Landy – The Tourist Gaze and Colonial Practices at Work in the ‘City of David’, Occupied East Jerusalem
• Benedetta Serapioni – “Un devoir culturel qui s’impose à l’humanité tout entire”?: the Old City of Jerusalem in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Imagining the New Jerusalem
Chaired by Shazia Jagot
• Ben Ambler – Parsing the New Jerusalem in the Medieval Pearl
• Marina Prusac Lindhagen – Constantine’s Jerusalem
• Emily Goetsch – From Spain to Jerusalem: Narratives of Struggle and Triumph

Jerusalem at War
Chaired by Jacob Norris
• Marina Lambrakis – Ungoverned City, City of Refugees: Jerusalem at War in the Work of George Seferis and Stratis Tsirkas
• Roberto Mazza – A Woman, a Consul, a Soldier and a Musician: War-Time Jerusalem Remembered Through the Eyes of Its Residents, 1914-18
• Yuri Stoyanov – Remembering and Invoking the Persian Capture of Jerusalem

Jerusalem 1000-1400: A Sneak Preview
Barbara Boehm and Melanie Holcomb, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York
Chair TBC

Fictional and Fantastical Jerusalem
Chaired by Jim Watt
• Phillip Booth – Thietmar’s pilgrimage (1217-1218) and the absent Jerusalem
• Timothy L. Stinson – Confession, Vengeance, and the Destruction of Jerusalem
• Robert Jobbins – More Real Than Truth

Places of Memory
Chaired by Kristin B. Aavitsland
• Nagihan Haliloglu – Sacral Lieux de Memoire in Evliya Çelebi’s Account of Jerusalem
• Catherine Hundley – Remembering, Forgetting, Re-Remembering: The Lost Holy Sepulchres of C12th England
• Jesper Svartvik – Jerusalem: A Physical Space and a Site of Memory for Conrad Schick

Jerusalem as a Spatial Dimension of Arabness Across Contemporary Cultural Genres: Cinema, Graphic Novel, Hip-Hop
Chaired by Hannah Boast
• Valerie Anischenkova – Cinematic Space of Jerusalem in the Context of Palestinian Identity
• Kari Neely – Arabs in the Graphic Space of Jerusalem
• Kendra Salois – Representations of al-Quds in North African Hip Hop: Loss, Longing, and Translocality

Jerusalem in Material History
Chaired by Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati
• Nadine Mai – Materials and Memory in Late Medieval Reproductions of the Holy Sites of Jerusalem
• Merav Mack and Benjamin Balint – Custodians of Memory: Jerusalem’s Libraries and Archives
• Eivor Oftestad – Realization of Memory: The Temple of the New Covenant

Rebuilding Jerusalem
Chaired by Helen Smith
• Meg Bouton – ‘Adorned with all manner of precious stones’: (re)building Jerusalem in Anglo-Saxon England
• Ewa Kubiak – Two Depictions of Jerusalem in Colonial Painting of the Viceroyalty of Peru
• Lucy Underwood – Jerusalem, Rome and England: the appropriation of memories of Jerusalem by English Catholics after 1558

Final Plenary
Professor Eyal Weizman – Title TBC
Chaired by Dr Anna Bernard

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