CFP – From Comparative to Global History

Cromohs – Cyber Review of Modern Historiography is seeking submissions for an issue on the theme ‘From Comparative to Global History: Assessing Relational Approaches to the Past (1400-1900)’.

The editors ask contributors to consider the trajectory of recent scholarship:

It has been pointed out … that all too often the history of the world, especially when it is based to a large degree on (mostly English) secondary literature, has ended up being fashioned into a flat narrative of “the rise of the West and the Westernization of the rest.” For Sanjay Subrahmanyam, an alternative to the “grand narrative of modernization” would be for historians not simply to adopt a different scale, but to take a step sideways, finding a different vantage point and employing a decentring technique to identify previously hidden or unseen connections among places and cultures.

More recent comparative endeavours have seen scholars engaging more and more with what Serge Gruzinski has described as the “alchemy of hybridization,” and the “intensity of circulation … that reveals mixed landscapes”. Entangled histories (Espagne, Kocka, Werner, Zimmermann) have explored “mutual influencing,” “reciprocal or asymmetric perceptions,” and the intertwined “processes of constituting one another.”

For further details, and to download the full call, please visit the Cromohs website.

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