The Imagining Jerusalem network was an AHRC-funded project that ran from 2013-2015. This website was run by the Network Coordinator, Hannah Boast, and is no longer being updated. Any questions should be directed to the Principal Investigator, Dr Helen Smith.

Jerusalem is perhaps the world’s most iconic city. It exists as both a real and an imagined space, and has inspired fictional, political, and utopian visions of the future through projects of recreating the ‘new Jerusalem’.

From the Siege of Jerusalem in the First Crusade, to the conflict over the city today between Israelis and Palestinians, Jerusalem has long been a site of contested heritage and collective memory. As an archetype of the holy or divided city, the idea of Jerusalem has mediated cultural encounters between different communities and stood as a symbol of intractable ethno-religious conflict.

The AHRC-funded network Imagining Jerusalem, 1099 to the Present Day brings together scholars and institutions from across Europe to explore the complex global heritage of this city. It asks how Jerusalem’s past has been appropriated in the social and political imagination, and how we might use this knowledge to imagine new futures, both for Jerusalem itself and for the idea of Jerusalem in public life.

If you work on the history, culture, and politics of Jerusalem, in any period or discipline, and would like to add a brief description of your research to the project pages, please do feel free to get in touch.

This blog charts the ways in which Jerusalem has been mapped, remade and rewritten across a variety of material contexts. It looks at the impacts and social meanings of these adaptations, and explores how we should handle the tangled and far-reaching cultural inheritance of Jerusalem. We welcome submissions, so if you’d like to write a post, or have a publication or event announcement you would like us to share, please get in touch. Please send any questions to the Network Coordinator, Hannah Boast.


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