Dr Meg Boulton

meg boultonI am currently working as an independent scholar who lectures extensively in multiple aspects of Art and Architectural History, Visual Culture and Museology at the University of York, Oxford University’s Centre for Continuing Education and The Oxford Centre of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Drawing on long-term and wider research interests in iconography, spatial theory, architectural theory and the relationship of text to image/object, my current research examines the conceptualisation articulation and containment of sacred space, alongside representations of Jerusalem, in both textual and visual exemplars, to explore the importance of space, place and site in the construction of an institutional identity during the Anglo-Saxon period in England and various Continental exemplars.

To achieve this, it focuses on the various representations and interpretations of sacred space across the multiple artistic/architectural forms of the early Church, proposing that space was systematically conceptualized within the ecclesiastical spaces, structures and objects of the early Church; and employs unprecedentedly close spatial, architectural and iconographic analyses, by using theories articulated in the period and in more contemporary theoretical texts.

In addition to exploring specific individual buildings, texts and objects, it examines the various ways of conceptualizing and viewing space across disparate geographies and sites, establishing how the diverse symbols of the church nevertheless cohered to ‘become’ the Church itself.

My research implements a theoretical methodology which discusses the manner in which space was conceptualised and actualised within this period, bringing together the heretofore rather disparate disciplines of theory and Anglo-Saxon studies, and thus hopefully of use to medievalists who are less familiar with a theoretical approach, and theorists, who are not familiar with the wealth of Anglo-Saxon material that can be discussed in this way.

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