Dr Lucy Underwood

IMG_9087My current research explores English Catholic constructions of national identity, looking at how Catholics ‘imagined England’ in the century after the Protestant Reformation. As part of this, I’m exploring how English Catholics exploited imagery of Jerusalem and Israel, to imagine their own and their nation’s place in salvation history. Appropriating ‘Jerusalem’ was part of their constructions of the Church, of persecution, of the Reformation; it also enabled English Catholics to express their ambivalent relationship with Protestantised England.

I received my doctorate from Cambridge University in 2012. In 2013-2014 I am a fellow at the British School at Rome, researching English Catholic representations of England in Italy, c.1558-1660.

3 thoughts on “Dr Lucy Underwood

  1. Dear Lucy,
    I am in Rome researching a little known Lincolnshire saint named St.
    Gilbert of Sempringham. Disappointed to go to the British School here
    and not find copy of your recent award paper. I think it might help, especially your bibliography. Trying to locate people in Rome who may have helped
    the runaway Gilbertine monks of Sempringham in 1538. No success with
    the Augustinian Archives, though I do think something might be there.
    Can you send me a copy of your paper with bibliography?
    I really need help. We found three churches here in Italy with St. Gilbert’s
    bones, and were given a relic from one. We need to prove everything with
    documents. Any ideas? I will be back in the UK in a few days. Looks like
    you are super busy with a trip to Australia. All for anow.
    Gertrude Hoche-Mong , Oblate of St. Gilbert
    Please respond thmong1@peoplepc.com

    • Dear Gertrude,
      I’m Hannah, the moderator of the blog. Thanks for your message to Lucy, I’ll pass it on via email to make sure it gets to her.
      Best of luck with your research!

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