Coordinator: Dr Hannah Boast

picI’m the Coordinator of the Imagining Jerusalem network, the administrator of this blog and our Twitter account, and the contact for any questions.

I recently completed my PhD at the Department of English and Related Literature at the University of York. My research focuses on water and ecological crisis in contemporary Israeli and Palestinian literature. This project was co-supervised in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield as part of the White Rose Hydropolitics Network.

I have published in Green Letters, Jewish Quarterly, and have an article forthcoming in a Journal of Commonwealth Literature special issue on ‘Postcolonial Environments’. I am currently turning my thesis into a monograph while developing new projects on the environment in Israeli and Palestinian writing, and on literature and global water crisis.

I recently co-organised the Postcolonial Studies Association Postgraduate and Early Career conference at the University of York, which focused on the global politics of natural resources. Prior to this, I co-organised the interdisciplinary postgraduate workshop Social Water, also at York, and I have organised a number of events for the Imagining Jerusalem network.

You can read more about my research on my page and get in touch on Twitter via @hannahkateboast.

2 thoughts on “Coordinator: Dr Hannah Boast

  1. Dear “Imagining Jerusalem”, anything about memory of Jerusalem (couldn’t find)? Is it supposed to be a Political site? Regards

    • Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. The network’s scope covers a wide range of topics, starting from, as our name suggests, 1099 (though sometimes we go earlier than this, as in Biblical narratives) to the present day. Inevitably this means we encounter issues relating to the current conflict, as well as the many political contestations which have occurred over and within Jerusalem throughout its long history. Our November conference is on the theme of ‘Jerusalem and memory’, but in our last workshop we explored ways of ‘imagining’ the city, and in a conference next year we’ll be looking at our third theme of ‘heritage’. Hope this helps. – Hannah

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